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Rufi joins
the Book Incubator!!!

I am thrilled to announce that I am officially joining the teaching staff of Mary Adkin's 12-month program, The Book Incubator. 

After Catapult shuttered its doors and I finished copiously weeping (Catapult was seriously such an amazing place with amazing people), I started to look around for a new teaching opportunity. How would I teach writing, if I could do it however I wanted? I knew I wanted to design classes that were longer than a few weeks and work with students who were serious about writing. I started looking around and I found Mary Adkins' The Book Incubator, a 12-month program focused on the completion of a book-length manuscript. I soon discovered The Book Incubator was everything I had dreamed of in a program and more.


Mary Adkins is the author of the novels When You Read This (Indie Next Pick, “Best Book of 2019” by Good Housekeeping and Real Simple), Privilege ( “Best Summer Read”), and Palm Beach (New York Post “Best Book of 2021,” and “like a sandy beach, equal parts beautiful and uncomfortable” according to the Associated Press). Her books have been published in 13 countries, and her essays and reporting have appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, and more. Lucky for me, Mary had happened to take a Catapult class with me forever ago, and we had done an event together, so I already knew how much I liked and respected her. But even this failed to prepare me for the level of bad-ass-ery that is The Book Incubator. 

Imagine an online social community of over a hundred writers supporting each other, hosting co-writing accountability sessions together, with weekly live classes hosted by Mary (hers focus on drafting) and me (mine focus on revision), access to editorial reads from editors who have worked at big-five publishing houses, one-on-one phone calls direct with me and Mary, as well as a pre-recorded curriculum of video lessons on everything from three act structure to how to query agents, and CUSTOM FANCY NOTEBOOKS TO WRITE IN THAT GUIDE YOU THROUGH YOUR DRAFT. You guys. She sends you a present when you finish your first draft. 

And I got to design a YEAR LONG CURRICULUM stuffed with everything I know about writing. It's honestly a dream to get to be part of. I still can't believe it. Check it out at the link below. Admission is rolling, you can literally apply today and be sitting in my class next week!

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